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Mon Sep 11 19:04:13 CEST 2000

The following is a message I sent to Mr. Barks about two months before his 
death (courtesy of Michael Naiman).

           Having just been informed of Mr. Barks’ health, I would greatly 
appreciate it if you would forward the following to him.  This section of an 
autobiographical sketch was recently written as part of an adoption process.

           Despite my love of sports (which I shared with my brother but not 
my parents) I also loved to read — anything — science books, adventure 
stories, science fiction, historical novels, biographies and comic books.  
My mother was horrified at my love of comic books, but really couldn’t 
object because I was such a voracious reader of everything.  My father 
actually liked to read comic books as well.  My favorites were not Superman 
and Batman like most other kid.  I found these comics infantile.  I loved 
Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge and I collect these comics to this day.  
Perhaps my single fondest memory from childhood is when Grandma would visit 
and dispense to my brother and I a neat little pile of change (always 
exactly the same amount for each of us) carefully wrapped in tissue paper.  
If I remember correctly the amount was about $1 to $2.  I would take 15¢ 
down to the corner store buy a bottle of ‘pop’ (soda) for a nickel, pay an 
additional 2¢ deposit,  and while drinking my pop, I would peruse the comic 
book shelves always looking for a new Donald Duck or Uncle Scrooge.  If I 
found one I would be in heaven.  I would drink my soda, reclaim my 2¢ 
deposit and take the dime I now had and buy that comic.  The only thing that 
was better when there was two new Donald Duck or Uncle Scrooge comics, I 
would buy one immediately, rush home, beg my mother to allow me to spend 
another dime of Grandma’s money (she almost always said OK after 5 minutes 
of unrelenting begging), and I would rush back to the store to get the 
second comic.  This was double heaven.  Remember that in those days (about 
1953) $2 would buy me 10 sodas and 15 comics!. . . . . My view of heaven is 
basically a movie theater with a comic book store next door full of Disney 

          Of course the comics I am referring to are Mr. Barks’.  Thank you 
Mr. Barks for providing me with among the happiest moments in my entire 

Rob McCallum

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