Carl Barks, Almanako, and a Donald question... RMorris306 at
Fri Sep 15 16:52:25 CEST 2000

Hi everyone!

    It's been awhile since I've posted here. Carl Barks' death, although most 
of us had been expecting it, was still a shock, especially as he wrote the 
very first comic book story I ever read or owned (and still do), "Donald 
Duck, the Master Mover" (with thanks to Gladstone for giving it a title), 
which set a very high standard for all the millions of stories I'd read since 
then. I had a chance to meet Carl once (at a Boston convention) and exchanged 
a couple of letters with him (about the Duck family tree; we never did figure 
out if Gladstone's adoptive father was named Goostave Gander or Goostale 
Gander). Definitely one of the greats of comics, without peer in funny-animal 
comic books (though Sheldon Mayer and Don Rosa come VERY close) and with only 
a few peers in funny-animal newspaper strips (George Herriman, Floyd 
Gottfredson, and Walt Kelly are the only ones who come to mind). He will be 
greatly missed.

<< Is any member who wants copies of the greek "Almanako" magazine?  >>

    I'd love some! Thank you! My first serious girlfriend was an Athenian 
exchange student, so I learned a little (VERY little) Greek then...suffice it 
to say that I'm still very glad I'd have the pictures to help. Are the 
stories all by Barks, Rosa, Branca and Van Horn and other European Duck 
artists, or are there any native Greek writers and artists as well? And are 
there any particular Disney characters who are much more successful there 
than at home, like Jose Carioca and Panchito in Brazil and Mexico 
respectively? (My guess would be Hercules, or possibly the creatures from the 
original FANTASIA...but, if my ex-girlfriend was any indication, Greeks 
aren't always fond of foreigners making light of their culture. Especially 
the HERCULES movie, which I've got to see one of these days.)

    Finally, a question for those of you who (I admit) have much more 
familiarity with the Barks canon than I do. Did he ever do a story with 
Donald Duck on a motorcycle? (I seem to recall such a thing in the '60's 
story "A Duck's-Eye View of Europe," or was that a moped?) The reason I ask 
is that someone in my office wants to have that image tattooed on her 
shoulder, and I thought, if she wanted Donald, she should have the Good Duck 
Artist's version of him if possible...


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