who was Erich von Stroheim?

Alessandro Iovino alexiov at libero.it
Thu Sep 21 15:48:40 CEST 2000

 I'm reading an italian book about Mickey Mouse, and I found a 
reference to Erich von Stroheim.
 The author, referring to the History "MM and the Pirate 
Submarine", talks about the villain, Dr. Vulture, as a caricature  of 
the named above.
 I was trying to look for some informations about him, and I found 
out an actor and a photo, representing the characther  played by 
himself in the movie Foolish Wives ( about 1922).

 The url is:

I think this movie could be that to which Gottfredson has referred 
for the idea of  Dr. Vulter character, if information given in the book 
is right.
May anyone tell  me if the correlation made between the villain of 
the aforementioned daily strip and the actor in the photo is correct? 

Do you think they resemble each other?

 I hope my english is understandable.
 thanks to everyone who will answer me.
 Alessandro Iovino

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