Comparing publications (Finland vs. Scandinavia)

Ari Seppi mani at
Sat Sep 23 12:48:37 CEST 2000

I'm writing an article about Finnish publications and now I'd like to trace
the roots of some publications. I have two main interests: Juhlasarjat and
Mikin dekkaripokkari. 

Juhlasarjat was a ten-part Carl Barks book series, which (if I understand
correctly) corresponds to the Norwegian Gullbok, Danish Guldbog and Swedish
Kalle Anka Guldbok. What kind of books they are (cover style and layout,
number of pages etc.)? How comprehensive will they be?

And Mikin dekkaripokkari then (Danish Mickey Mysterier, Swedish Musses
Mysterier, Norwegian Mikke Krimm): In Finland it was 10-part series. What
about other countries?

And what about the Non-Scandinavian relatives of these publications? Which
country was the first to publish these series?

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