Re 271, Kalevala in picsou

Anders Christian Siveb¾k anders_sivebaek at
Tue Sep 26 22:01:38 CEST 2000

Harry and Francois
>>Or maybe the cover that Don did for the German publications.
>>Do you have a scan of it?
>I've made one that you can see here:
That's the finnish cover for the story. 

The german one can be seen at duckhunt, at page with newer covers (which
isn't fully updated yet...)

I loove the french pin-up. Great job, Don! and Picsou gave you time to
fill in the dedication which you hadn't time for on the german
illustration for the story. 

It confuses me, though, that the french editors haven't published that
34th page where Scrooge gets his hat back... 

BTW I'm writing from one of my new adresses, at the teacher's college
which I attend now. 
So excuse me now, I have some studying to do!


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