"Duckburg in tears": special issue devoted to Carl Barks publishe d today

Francois Willot Willot.Francois at ec-lille.fr
Thu Sep 28 17:35:53 CEST 2000

Today's journal de Mickey, a special Barks issue, features:

- cover by Ulrish Schroeder (Donaldville en larmes)
- edito, letters, and an article on Carl Barks, his works and life
- covers he did for the Barks Librairy
- The Riddle of the Red Hat
- some Carl Barks gags unpublished before (in France)
- two WDC's 10 pagers
- links to Daniel van Eijmeren's, Marco Barlotti's and Per Starback's sites
- and much more stories and texts I don't recall, because I haven't the
issue rigth here with me. I'll try to give you more feedback later.


PS: sorry for this personal message, but I'm trying to contact Georgios B.
from Greece, and his mail keeps bouncing back to me. So if you see this
Georgios, please contact me.

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