Barks' Mummy Ring

Francois Willot Willot.Francois at
Thu Sep 28 17:53:18 CEST 2000

Mike Rhode:

>Can anyone use INDUCKS and give me the reprint info on Mummy Ring?  I
>know I've got it in something.

I'm not translating all abreviations since there are quite a few, but here's
what I got:

Germany: BLDD 2, DOCL 1, TGD 86, WTTT 1(incomplete), WTTTZ 1(incomplete)
(Der Schlangenring)
Denmark: AA99B06, DS 1980(incomplete), GB 8 (Slangeringen)
France: JM 1779, PM 319 (Donald Duck and the Mummy's Ring)
Italy: GSQ 1(incomplete), ZP 106, ZPSP 1 (Paperino e l'anello maledetto)
The Netherlands: 77-22(incomplete), BV.055, KV.01 (De ring van de mummie)
Norway: DD99-08, GB 8 (Mumiens ring)
Sweden: GB 8, VKFT 80(incomplete) (Kalle och mumiens ring)
USA: BL 1-161, DDA 14, LICD 2, OS 29, USDD 1(incomplete), WDCD 44

Hope this helps.


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