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Francesco Spreafico frspreaf at tin.it
Tue Apr 17 23:40:20 CEST 2001

From: "Don Rosa" <donrosa at iglou.com>

> But then, why don't a pack of Italians get on here and discuss the
> My Euro-travel experience tells me that this *might* be because
> are generally not as comfortable with English as the Northern
> and since the "official language" of this site is English, they stay
> in droves.

This might be a reason. But still... you've posted a couple of times on
the Italian comics newsgroup, and you have seen that there's no one
there talking about Disney comics; that is, no one but me, but certainly
I can't speak alone. So I think that the reason is not the language, but
the low quality of the stories; all the times I manage in getting
talking about disney comics on that newsgroup after some messages the
thread goes "Oh, good ol' times, there were so many good stories, while
today... sigh..." and then the thread dies. And unfortunately that's not
nostalgia as one might think, that is just the truth.

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