Current Italian Production

Rob Klein bi442 at
Wed Apr 18 09:24:25 CEST 2001

To those DCML active members AND lurkers who avoid discussing current
artists' work in the Italian, French, Brasilian, Dutch and (yes!) EVEN
Egmont Disney Comics production, I say "Please, Please, Please - bring it
on!!!   Do not be afraid that no one will respond.  There are many of us
who would be interested in such subjects.  I certainly want to learn about
the best of such creators.  How will I learn which ones are best without
getting information on those whose work I cannot identify using my current
low level of knowledge?  

I am basically a Barks fan first - then a Duck fan  - then a Disney comics
fan - then a funny - animal fan.  Even so, I very much appreciate the work
of other artists  whose work I have come to know and love (such as Floyd
Gottfredson, Al Taliaferro, Walt Kelly, Dan Jippes, Freddy Milton, Jan
Gulbransson, Manual Gonzales, Bill Wright, Romano Scarpa, Marco Rota, Ben
Verhagen, Mau Heijmans, Tony Strobel(pre 1959), Jack Bradbury, Dick Moores,
 Paul Murray (pre 1959), Michel Nadorp, the van Horns, and many, many

I was introduced to a wonderful world I had not known, when late in life I
was introduced to the art of Romano Scarpa (Dutch pocket books) and Marco
Rota (Dutch "Stripgoed" - precursor series to "DD Extra"). 
If it had not been for those chance "discoveries" by me, I would have
continued to IGNORE the Italian production (which is, for the most part,
drawn in a style that is not to my taste). I have come to appreciate the
best work of Cavazzano, some of Carpi's work, and that of a few others.  In
addition, there have been many well written and very inventive stories
which were drawn in a style I don't like.  Despite that minor problem, I
would yet want to learn about those stories (and writers).  I have seen
references to several Italian writers who write very good stories (and can
add Frank Jonker and Gorm Transgaard as lesser known quality writers). 
Even if only 10% of the new production is to my liking; that is, indeed, an
enormous amount of production.  This is also true for me regarding Some
French production (sometimes introduced by Olivier, or Didier or Francois);
Brasilian production (introduced by Arthur Faria); and even Egmont work
(often introduced by David Gerstein).  For example, the Dutch editors do
not print many of the Noel van Horn Egmont Mouse stories - so, once
informed by a Danish friend, or David, I can obtain a Danish issue with
that story. I would choose to do that also with stories from new artists I
learn about from list members in other countries.  DCML is made up of
mainly non-English first language speakers, so the lack of production in
USA and Britain is not a problem.  Many of us can at least find a
significant portion of the "foreign" production published in a language we
can read.  

So, PLEASE, let us not fall into a trend of talking mostly about Barks
trivia, Rosa, and only listing the contents of new magazine issues of
various countries (without discussing most of their current creators).
Could any of you non-Italian Scarpa fans imagine not having his wonderful
stories to enjoy?

Thanks,  Rob Klein


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