483: Angelo and Nils

Anders Christian Siveb¾k anders_sivebaek at nns.dk
Wed Apr 18 14:09:55 CEST 2001

>From: Angelo Toti <donald313us at yahoo.com>

>I used some other sites to build a
>best-of-Disney-comics sites. 
On one hand I thank you on behalf of all the owner thank you for saying
so. But stealing from their pages is not the way to show that you like

>There's no need to make
>all that fuss.
You call this fuss? Well, I think what we're feeling is the same as you
would feel if someone broke into your house and took all your comics -
cause I do hope you read comics...
On the other hand I only think I somehow have to write this, to tell what
I feel. There are other places on the net where you can flame people, it's
not fit here IMO, so I'm sorry I'm halfly doing it right now. You should
just realise that you're taking, in just a few hours or minutes, many
pages from people who spend days and months on the making.
>I have now deleted all pages because I plan to make a
>much better website, this time without stealing.
You call it stealing yourself??
I somehow look forward to see that page!
>To Donald Markstein: don't worry, I won't use your
>site because it is all crap.
As said insults are not appropriate here. Donald has but just as much work
in his great page as the people you stole from. You shouldn't insult
people like that. I hope you don't do so to your real relations, or they
might do something drastic to you. 

> You should be shamed!
Angelo should be ashamed of himself, you're certainly right. 

It was very interesting to read your report on the TV and media-coverage
of the Lost in the Andes story winning that vote. We saw none of it in
Denmark, I mean no media-coverage. It seems the story is more wellknown by
many in Norway. In Denmark it's more names from the stories that are used
instead of longer lines. WE use freely the names Gearloose, McDuck and
Gladstone instead of the cababilities which lie behind these names. 
One of the reasons btw that "Andes" is so popular may be that it's been
published so many times here. Only Fireman Donald has been published more
often as far as I remember. 1963, '74, '80 (or thereabouts in the
classics), '90, '98 and now 2001. that's 6 times. I must say those
publishers are lucky that a disney artist doesn't get credits. BTW If
Barks was a real author, of Books (I'm not saying I don't see him as a
such, I see him as the top, but many might not) would his heirs get
credits for every time one of his books (stories) were published. There
must be some examples of this...

Quite many DCML's out today, it might take me a little time to get to
write that report. 

Anders Christian Sivebæk

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