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Botto Armando Armando.Botto at elsag.it
Wed Apr 18 17:34:08 CEST 2001

> In Italy we have at least 10 artists that produce and create art, which go
> beyond what Rosa & Co. could ever hope to achieve in both story telling
> and "plain" art. There is so much great art here and so much fun and
brilliant jokes 

Hmmm... I agree about the "great art". Apart from the "old masters" (Scarpa,
Cavazzano, Massimo De Vita, Rota), there are a few "youngsters" I like a lot
(Mastantuono, to name one, but also Silvia Ziche's very personal style is
worth mentioning). And, in general, the average quality of the art is indeed
very good (sorry to disagree with Sprea, but I even like Celoni's art ;-)). 

But I couldn't agree less when it comes to *story telling*. IMHO, most of
the I-coded scripts are simply routine. And - again IMHO - a routine script
cannot be redeemed, not even by a great artist.
There are a few notable exceptions, of course: Tito Faraci above all (but
rumour has it that he's not going to write Disney stories any longer), and a
bunch of "complete" artists, who sometimes both write and draw their
stories: Silvia Ziche, Enrico Faccini, the Leoni-Negrin "team", DCML member
Blasco Pisapia... and, recently, Mastantuono himself.
But, as Sprea pointed out, these represent much less than 10% of the Italian
production... and none of them has produced (yet) anything comparable to
Rosa's output, both in the area of long adventure stories *and* short
stories stuffed with brilliant jokes.

Soren, I'm curious to see your list of favourite Italian artists (but,
mostly, scriptwriters)...

> But then, why don't a pack of Italians get on here and discuss the

Good question. Maybe we're just a bit lazy, that's another of our national
characteristics ;-)
But you (and Soren) are absolutely right - so, I'll try to post my opinions
on particularly outstanding stories in the upcoming weeks. If you don't hear
from me, well, it'll only go to show that Sprea and I were right about the
quality of the Italian production ;-)

> But still... you've posted a couple of times on
> the Italian comics newsgroup, and you have seen that there's no one
> there talking about Disney comics; that is, no one but me, but certainly
> I can't speak alone. 

Why not? You get answered, sometimes... and I enjoy lurking there, as you
know well ;-)

> Even Giuseppe Perego has drwon tons of pages, this doesn't make him a
> great artist (even though I have to say I appreciate many of his stories
> very much, and I'm sometimes tempted to find his name in the Phone book
> and go check if he's still among us, and chat a bit, since his hometown
> is not very far from here)

Please do! I'm sure he would have plenty of interesting things to say... I
hope he's still alive, he must be well over 80...


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