Don Rosa in Italy

Botto Armando Armando.Botto at
Thu Apr 19 14:46:15 CEST 2001

Favio wrote:
> Armando wrote:
> >- "Zio Paperone Due nipoti, nessun profitto", that is to 
> >say "Nobody's Business", that was still unpublished here. 

Actually, it was Sprea who wrote that... but I can answer your questions all
the same ;-)

> This is very surprising! How many other Rosa stories are 
> unpublished in Italy?

Very few. Apart from the very recent ones, both F-coded ("The Coin",
"Attaaaaaack!", "The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut") and D-coded ("Escape From
Forbidden Valley", "The Three Caballeros Ride Again"), only a couple were
never published here (I wonder why): namely, "On Stolen Time" and "Treasure
Under Glass".
Ah, and we miss also a few "oddities" for which Don only provided the art (a
couple of H-coded and the "Back in Time for a Dime" Ducktales story). 

> And how many Jippes/Milton stories are unpublished in Italy?

Do you refer to the stories produced by Jippes and Milton as a duo, in the
late 70es - early 80es? If so, the Inducks lists 13 stories, of which 10
have been published in "Zio Paperone" so far.
"Zio Paperone" also published all of Jippes' 10-pagers, and most of the
stories both written and drawn by Milton (8 out of 12). I must admit that I
don't like Milton's drawing style that much... even though I'd be curious to
see his "Big Sneeze" 31-page story.


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