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Thu Apr 19 14:42:58 CEST 2001

From: "Thierry Fernand" <favio31 at>

>>- "Zio Paperone Due nipoti, nessun profitto", that is to
>>say "Nobody's Business", that was still unpublished here.

>This is very surprising! How many other Rosa stories are
>unpublished in Italy?

This is easy to knw, let's see the Inducks DB:

D 2000-002     28        DR  DR      DD  The Three Caballeros Ride Again
D 90147        13        DR  DR      DD  On Stolen Time
D 90227        20        DR  DR      DD  Treasure Under Glass
D 98346        24        DR  DR      US  Escape From Forbidden Valley
F PM 00201     12        DR  DR      US  Attaaaaaack!
F PM 01201     26        DR  DR      US  The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut
F PM 99001     12        DR  DR      US  The Coin
H 85218        10        JKr DR      DD  Zeiltocht Katrien (Well-educated
H 87178         7        ->  DR      DD  Opening visseizoen [writ:Buitink]
(Give Unto Others)

There may be mistekes... if anybody pick up one please reporti it to me,
since it's probably my fault :-)

>And how many Jippes/Milton stories are unpublished in Italy?

Too many to count, but, regarding old Milton Stories, honestly, I don't
feel a particular need to read them :-)

Sprea (Scarpa) (RAH)

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