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Brigitta McDuck BrigittaMcDuck at go.com
Thu Apr 19 14:04:04 CEST 2001

Hello to everybody!!

I am Gabriella from Italy, a Disney-comics lovers since... years.
I have been lurking on the list for a long time, but I have been forced to de - lurk by this message by 

Don Rosa:> 
>I have always wondered why there is not much discussion, or actually NO discussion, about the incredible array of
Italian artists who have been producing Duck (& mouse?) stories 

someone has already answered to this: we do get a huge production here, but often quantity is not equal to quality, and the issue is also not good drawing, but good story - telling.

I love Cavazzano, Carpi, Scarpa, De Vita, Rota and others, and I spend a lot of money for my Disney comics every month, but what I receive back sometimes is... not so worth.

> But it would still be nice to see more discussion about them and all the other cartoonists. One of my philosophies
>in life is that you should constantly endeavor to learn all you can about what you like, and to *also* learn all that there is to learn *about*.

sometimes it is not easy for me, as I have always read Barks' stories in Italian, and I do not recognize titles and names of characters when I read the mails, and there are very good passionate people who answer the questions before I manage to understand the questions ;-))

anyway, if you want discussion about Italian Disney comics, everybody is welcome!!

ciao to all

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