Olivier: Old Martina's stories

Francesco Spreafico frspreaf at tin.it
Fri Apr 20 00:00:01 CEST 2001

From: "Olivier" <mouse-ducks at wanadoo.fr>

> The story is "Donald Quichotte". No story code, no name.
> Anyone knows who the artist is?

Pier Lorenzo de Vita, father of Massimo De Vita.
The entries in the FSB for this story resume in:

I TL  137-A (25-04-1956)
I TL  138-A (10-05-1956)
I TL  139-A (25-05-1956)
Paperino Don Chisciotte
[parody: Don Chisciotte (M. Cervantes)]
[Italian reprints: CWD 1, CD 3, LGPD 2, V 04]

> There's also another great story (different artist) I am fond of, very
loosely based on
> the Illiad:
> And there was Goofy in this story too. Rings a bell? I'll look for the
story codes.

Sure, that's Luciano Bottaro, let's see the codes in the FSB:

I TL  202-A (10-01-1959)
I TL  203-A (25-01-1959)
I TL  204-A (10-02-1959)
31+25+27//; Paperino, QQQ, Paperina, Gastone, Zio Paperone, Bassotti,
Archimede, Capitan Uncino
[parody: Iliade (Omero)]
[Italian reprints: CWD 8, CD 19, LGPD 13, V 04]

Marco, we have to xapp Goofy ;-)

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