Jaime Diaz

Rob Klein bi442 at lafn.org
Sat Apr 21 04:10:41 CEST 2001

Harry:  I have no information as to whether or not Jaime Diaz worked,
himself, on any Disney comics.  I suspect (as you) that he did not.  The
comics his studio produced, that were used in the "Disney Studio produced
comics" were likely done by a group of underlings.  I believe that the
animation and advertising work produced by his studio is much more
lucrative than comics, and thereby requires more top-level attention.  As
the long-term chief entrepeneur of a large studio, with many artists, he
may not have time to do significant artwork on ANY project any more.  This
situation may well have existed for many years before the present.   

My limited knowledge of Jaime Diaz (other than my US Disney Sudio's comics)
comes from an old work colleague of mine, (Albert deMello) who was a free
lance artist in Brasil from 1950s to 1964 (a bit of work for Abril), and
was a storyboarder for animation in Toronto (1964 - 65) and for various TV
and feature film animation studios in Los Angeles.  I worked with him at
Turner Feature Animation from 1994 - 1996, and at Warner Brothers Feature
Animation from 1996 -1998.
He was friendly with most of the Latin American (and European Spanish)
animation - related artists.  ALL of whom knew of Jaime Diaz (most had
personal contact with him).  Most of them were from Argentina, Brasil,
Spain and Mexico.  I met several of those people at the studios.  Almost
all of them had spoke of Jaime in conversations I was party to.  It is a
relatively small business (world wide), and everyone seems to know everyone
else.  I seem to remember that some of those people liked Jaime's work, and
some did not.   I rather dought that you will ever see his name as an
INDIVIDUAL Disney comic story creator.  If anyone else can shed more light
on this studio head, please do.  -  Rob Klein


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