Søren: Artist Samples, Igayara

Søren Krarup Olesen raptus at stofanet.dk
Sun Apr 22 21:00:41 CEST 2001


> On you site, you have a picture of a comic page that you BELIEVE was
> made by Waldyr Igayara de Souza...! What I can say to you is that,
> yes, this is a Igayara's draw...I know, because I know Igayara and I
> saw the original inked page! :)

Great! Thanks! :-)

> What I'm curious is to know is HOW you became familiar with
> Igayara's name? You know someone that knows him, or somethign like
> that? Or someone on the list pointed it to you on the time you did
> the site? 

Oh, that goes back a few years, when Alberto Beccatini posted a message
to the indexers mailing list. Alberto wrote that Souza drew a couple of
stories with José Carioca in the late 60s, and the story in question S
69076 didn't look like anything else I had seen before, so I just
guessed on Souza.

In fact in Inducks we have 11 stories, all (apparently) from the Disney
Studio which I list here:

S 69076   8  SG  Super-"gooberoobas"
S 69077   7  SG  With Nothing But A Sword
S 69078   4  JOC The Barrel-organ Of Hamelin
S 69079   6  JOC Worms In The Head
S 69080   6  JOC The King Of Ye-ye-ye
S 69081   8  JOC Super-secret Agent
S 69082  10  JOC Who's Afraid Of Virgillio Golfe?
S 69083   4  JOC Bawwwww!
S 69084  10  SG  Macduck's Collapse
S 69085   5  JOC Something From Another World
S 69086  11  HDL Unburied Treasure

First row is the code, then number of pages, hero and title. I have the
feeling that those JOC (Carioca) stories actually were drawn by the
same Souza, but they were never published in Denmark (except for S
69076 of course), so I am just guessing.

Do you happen to know any of these stories, it would be very much
appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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