Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Wed Apr 25 16:38:31 CEST 2001


> > I think this is a general thing. In my youth, I had the 
> > opposite: I grew up
> > with the weeklies (in Holland), and considered the pocket 
> > books crap stuff.

> Actually, this is not what happened to me. I liked these 
> Egmont when I was little, but got bored with them.

I see. Then maybe it *is* something else. I'm sure it is not the quality of
the stories: both Danish and Italian stories range from very bad to very

> Now, this sounds like a healthy young man ;-)

Not *that* young, actually. 8-)

> It just wasn't cool to be 14 and a Disney-fan.

I didn't talk much about it to people until I was in my 30s! And I'm *still*
making excuses when I tell a person whom I've never met about my hobby...

> today's Mickey stories are only some 10
> pages long. They don't have the same feel of adventure as the old ones
> have. I would love to have a resurrection of daily strips 
> with a continous plot.

Or maybe, long pocket book stories in the Gottfredson/Scarpa tradition! I
know they can do that! Scarpa is even working for Egmont these days. (Are
you reading this, David? 8-)

> Dutch stories [...]
> Most of these stories haven't been published anywhere but in
> Holland and Finland (according to Inducks), so we in Finland 
> are at great position with Dutch stories.

And covers, apparently! Clearly, the Finnish editors are more independent of
Egmont than the other Nordic countries. But even the other countries
published a lot of Dutch stories in the past few years.


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