To M é lanie on Scarpa

Luca Boschi cnotw at
Thu Apr 26 15:36:54 CEST 2001


> Francesco
>>But, he's also *writing* the current Egmont's Uncle
>>Scrooge celebration story, right? So he's back to
>>writing, I'm really looking forward to reading >this!
> :-)
> Luca
>>Scarpa *wrote* his last, next-to-come story, with
>>Scrooge and Brigitta! And he plans to go on doin' it.
> Is this the same story? Can you tell me more about it?
> Is it Italian or Danish? (I looked for it but couldn't
> find it on the COA site!)

Yes, it's the same. Romano is just finishing his job in this very days, as
he told me by phone. It's a story produced for Egmont, included in the well
known project dedicated to Barks' main characters. As Don wrote some times
ago, the stories are:

Uncle Scrooge (with Brigitta)  -- Romano Scarpa
Magica de Spell -- Daniel Branca
Flintheart Glomgold -- Vicar
Beagle Boys / Money Bin -- Don Rosa
Gladstone Gander -- Cesar Ferioli
Gyro Gearloose -- William Van Horn
Gyro's Helper -- Marco Rota
Junior Woodchucks -- Kari Korhonen
Neighbor Jones -- Daan Jippes
April, May, and June -- Esteban

I can only tell you that in the Scarpa's story there is a very thin
reference to the Larkies story (to the pastinaca - "assafetida" in Italian).


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