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Dan Gheno article "A Casual Visit with Carl Barks"

Contains some rare photographs. The Article originally 
appeared in Crusader Comments, Buyers Guide, Circa 1973. 

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The Kings and Queens of Mythology

Follow "Carl Barks" link, and then "Kings and Queens of Mythology"
to see these non-Disney Barks paintings:

- King Midas (76-08)
- Old King Cole (77-01)
- King Neptune (77-02)
- King Beowulf (78-40)
- Queen of Sheba (96-08)

About "Queen of Sheba", The HTML BarksBase writes: 

unfinished · 8-96 · oil
Probably Barks began this picture already in 1977 as the 4th painting 
of his series »Kings and Queens of Myth and Legend«.

Follow "Paintings" and then "Non-Disney paintings".
This site contains a very detailed investigation of Barks' paintings.

-- Daniel

"As we guzzled down the last of our Cokes, Barks pulled out a 
photo-statted copy of his very last "Woodchuck" script. 
Yet, unlike most comic book scripts it was not type written. 
On the contrary, it was drawn out, panel by panel. It was 
rendered so expertly, that the script alone could easily serve 
as the finished product."  

(Dan Gheno - A Casual Visit with Carl Barks)

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