Mickey's Donald and Goofy's adress, Jiminy's nephew[for Rich], Daisy and Donald's relationship (it is worst than you think...)

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Still in holydays in the US, i watched yesterday night at about 1:30 in the morning, the tvshow VaultDisney, with Walt Disney presents, and it was a retransmission of On Vacation with Mickey Mouse and friends
sorry to speak about cartoons here, but I kept 2 iterresting details:
The cartoon "Goofy and Wilbur" was shown, and, to introduce it, Jiminy Cricket asked where Goofy was, and he was answered "He is in holidays, fishin with your nephew Wilbur"

strange, ain't it?
Jiminy is supposed to be an anthropomised cricket, so he is a kind of human being, wereas Wilbur is a "pet" grasshopper...
so, Disney's universe doesn't have any law...
I though this could interrest Rich for his hoozoolist

When Jiminy, Goofy , Mickey and Donald are all in the studios, they get a postcard from Minnie, and the adress is "The gang, disney studios, burbank, calif"
so their towns must be near burbank...

Then, about Daisy:
We see her parents in the cartoon "Donald's diary", and her father is not Moby Duck. mOREOVER, IN SOME STORIES, SHE CALLS HIM mOBY dUCK, NOT dAD

We also see that she has three brother, in this cartoon.

Then, she is said to have a sister in a Barks' story, and, in Amj's first appearance, it is said that they are Daisy's sister's daughters. The two sisters can be the same, and, although he doesn't believe in he cartoons, Don Rosa told to Sigvald that it would be a good idea for the sister to be Donna Duck from "Don Donald". She could also be the unnamed female duck in a barks'tory taking place at the beach, with sharks...

Then, in Mark Worden's Duck Family Tree, (http://goofy313g.free.fr/calisota_online/trees/wordentree.html )
We see Huey, Dewey and Louie's father
(I think he is one of the three ducklings in Donald's Diary)
So, if Don Rosa is true, Daisy Duck has at least one sister and one brother, and at most 2 sisters and four brothers...
I think she has a sister and three brothers.

So, they are both fiances, brother and sister in law, married (in some stories), but also cousins!!!
yesm they are!
That is also why she calls Scrooge uncle (he is not her real uncle, but he is from the family..)
I took this information from a french little book from 1966 (Donald cherche fortune), a little biography of Donald.



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