Shotgun weddings

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> Still off-topic, but I'm just curious as to why this is unsettling for
> Europeans! 

Hardly for all Europeans :) (Especially the Southern Ostro-Bothnia, which 
seems like the Kentucky of Finland...)

I guess it would be unsettling in the same way as it would be to marry a
non blood related sibling you've lived your entire life with. Say your
parents were divorced soon after your birth, and the one that you were
left with soon remarried. Remarried to someone with a small child. That
way you would have a sibling, although you two wouldn't technically be
related. Still, for all practical purposes, that would be a sister or a
brother. Would it be unsettling or disgusting for you to marry that

> If Daisy's brother married Donald's sister, there would *still* be no
> relation between Daisy and Donald, much less a "disgusting" one.

Would it be disgusting to marry your sibling if you didn't intend to get
any children? Why?

> (My nearest neighbor across the valley here in Kentucky thinks
> "Denmark" is a town in Germany.)

Hehee! But you don't live in the hills, do you? Do yah?

(I thought Dan Shane was your nearest neighbor, but hopefully I'm

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