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Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Tue Aug 28 15:07:26 CEST 2001

> From: Mike Pohjola <mikep at iki.fi>
> I guess it would be unsettling in the same way as it would be to marry a
> non blood related sibling you've lived your entire life with. That
> way you would have a sibling, although you two wouldn't technically be
> related. Still, for all practical purposes, that would be a sister or a
> brother. Would it be unsettling or disgusting for you to marry that
> person?
> Would it be disgusting to marry your sibling if you didn't intend to get
> any children? Why?

I think you might believe you're trying to explain all this, but you're
only confusing me. You seem to be comparing the situation to two other
situations that it is not even remotely similar to. The brother and sister
from two different sides of a married couple did *not* grow up together and
they are *not* blood-related in any way. This whole idea seems like an
ancient superstition that causes some Europeans to regard it as abhorrent.
And even though I see no sense to it, it at least makes me decide that,
okay, I'll never have HD&L's father be Daisy's brother. I had no particular
reason to do it that way... it was just an interesting notion... but this
now is a reason *not* to do it this way. So be it

> Hehee! But you don't live in the hills, do you? Do yah?

Yes and no. I live in rural Kentucky in the hills of north-central
Kentucky. But the "Kentucky Hills" where the moonshiners and hillbillies of
the movies live (and where these legendary Kentucky sibling-marriages
supposedly take place) is generally assumed to be eastern Kentucky in the
Appalachian Mountains (which are actually just big hills , not big rock
pinnacles as the name might imply).

> (I thought Dan Shane was your nearest neighbor, but hopefully I'm
> mistaken...)

Dan Shane lives in town (Louisville) in "suburbia". About a half-hour drive
from here.

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