Barks as God, and OT

Shelley Hanson/KlezmerAllThatJazz klezmerallthatjazz at
Thu Aug 30 17:03:08 CEST 2001

Olaf said, about Gilles's possibility that Barks is the Ducks' God:

"Nah. I don't think so. The Ducks live in the real world, don't they? DON'T
THEY? So does Unca Carl. Why would they honour an "ordinary" man? My opinion
on this is that Barks is a good friend of Scrooge McDuck, and a distant
relative of Gyro Gearloose."

After our discussion of family names, and the belief of many of us that just
because they have the same name, all of the Ducks are not necessarily
related -- it seems apparent that Unca Carl can't possibly be related to
Gyro Gearloose. With a name like Barks, his being a relative of some of the
dog characters is much more likely.

Off-topic:  One of the interesting things about this list for
norteamericanos like myself is learning what the popular culture of other
countries is like. So, I know that Harry Potter is very hot in England now
-- but is it also an overwhelming success in the other countries represented
on this mailing list?

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