x'mas delight

Eta Beta eega at supereva.it
Sat Dec 1 02:37:27 CET 2001


>And the Italiar reades shall read another Scarpa's Xmas story, in the
>meantime, in a brand new version unpublished (in this version) in all the
>world. A very likable Xmas present, I say...  Its title logo reminds
>"Topolino e Le Delizie Natalizie" VERY MUCH.

Sounds very much like "Mickey et les douceurs de Noel", to me... :-)

Actually, it's not too difficult to guess Scarpa's x'mas stories,
unlike most of his colleagues, he did only a coupla...

>Ellsworth and Atomino, with Eega Beeva, too, star in it!

Will Atomino be, correctly, light blue or pink again ?  :-)


Eta Beta

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