Bathtub machines CarmenG at
Sun Dec 2 20:52:04 CET 2001

Forgive me--I know this is off-topic, but this talk of bathtub machines 
reminded me of a comic I read as a child (1960s-70s). My older brother's 
classes would regularly receive a comic book in school (Imagine THAT!!). I 
don't remember the title, but it would include comics such as the biographies 
of famous people, the origins of a certain volcano, the real story of 
Robinson Crusoe, etc., so evidently it was educational. However, it also 
included a hilarious (well, hilarious to an elementary school kid) 
letters-to-the-editor section on the front & back inside covers called "Dear 
Backtalk." AND it would include comics that were simply fun.
    And one of these was about a boy who had a flying bathtub. He could 
control it by the use of the faucet handles. I'm pretty sure it was Not a 
time machine, but just a vehicle for flight.
    I dearly loved these comics (along with my duck comics) and was wondering 
if ANYONE had ever heard of these things??? Sorry to veer off-topic, but if 
anyone would know, he or she would be in this group. (Maybe this is a job for 
Don Rosa....)
    Okay, back to the ducks--

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