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Archontis Pantsios apantsio at ac.anatolia.edu.gr
Mon Dec 3 09:15:50 CET 2001


re: KOMIX column
> Well, I did expand a bit on your column, with scans and translations,
> just because it was fun to do so. This was quite a bit of work, and right
> now, doing it would feel as exactly that: work.

No question about it! However, by "KOMIX column" I simply meant presenting
the contents. 

>I suppose I could limit
> myself to just the presentations, but it would be almost equivalent to
> not doing anything at all.

I beg to differ! While reading the articles therein has a significant
value-added, I  think that many people would be interested in just knowing
the contents of an issue, be it for indexing purposes or anything else.
Plus, I get the feeling that I wasn't "doing anything at all" when it was
myself doing simply the contents' presentations, when I thought (and still
think) that providing hard information has its own value! 

> You mean the "year that was" articles, and that the items described
> therein had been actually for sale?

There were some articles towards the end of Gladstone II by Mr. Bruce
Hamilton where various old, rare comics were presented and which were for
sale--I need to dig really deep into my collection to find the exact
issues...Someone else in this List may have them more handy.



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