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Luca Boschi cnotw at
Thu Dec 6 14:16:19 CET 2001

Hi, all!

In an old issue of the italian "Mega Almanacco", July 1989, was printed a
"strange" story, titled "Le GM alla ricerca di rarità". Its story code is:
S 87094. It's not a DuckTales story (and "normal" Beagle Boys star in it).
But... There are also Doofus and Launchpad (called Jet) McQuack!

It's the only one story with this peculiarity? Well, myself too, once, put
Launchpad into al "all - stars" Mickey story, but only into the crowd of

The other possibility is that originally, this one *was* a DuckTales story
and later someone decided to use its plot or story line for different
purposes, changing only the three Beagles' look.

Any ideas about?


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