See-yilent Nee-yight (RE: Si-yuh-lent Niiiight)

Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Tue Dec 11 18:03:26 CET 2001


> I hope some of you have read Barks' old story Silent Night-story (The
> unpublished one from the late 40'es)
> It's been published sometimes since, eg. in the Barks Libraries, but
> without the first halfpage which Barks sold to a fan sometime. 
> Listmember Rob Klein later talked with Barks and reconstructed a first
> half page with help from typical start panels. 
> Another ducthman traced that halfpage

Michel Nadorp. Not traced, he *drew* a half page.

> - and like that it was published in
> the ducth Donald Duck Weekblad some years ago, AFAIK. 


> D 2001-068 (no credits in the credit-line which only says 
> Barks)

Script: David Gerstein
Art: Daan Jippes

> Wasn't Rob's/the other guy's version fitting

I think you must agree that this Gerstein/Jippes version is gorgeous! It
looks much better than the Klein/Nadorp version. It is also probably closer
to the original (e.g. it has no title, and it has dialogue in the first

On the other hand, this new version is still based on Rob Klein's findings.
But this time worked out with the knowledge of today (in stead of decades
ago), and with an excellent artist (nearly no-one can beat Jippes).

(I'm Dutch, not ducth)

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