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Fellow Quackeroos:

Here's what hit the stands last week:

1) MIKY MAOUS #1846, November 30, 2001
a) Mickey Mouse in "Il vortice imperiale", from "Topolino" #2265, 1999 (42
pages). Script: Rudy Salvagnini; Art: Graziano Barbaro
b) The Beagle Boys in "The Fake Valet", WBB #36 (16 pages). Script: Unknown;
Art: Kay Wright
c) Donald Duck in "Orchids in the Snow", S-75165 (11 pages). Script & Art:
The Disney Studio

2) MINNI #63, December 2001
a) Minni Mouse in "Il mistero del rubino rubato", from "Minni" #47, 1997 (31
pages). Script: Giorgio Pezzin; Art: Alessandro Gottardo
b) Clarabell Cow in "Gli anni mugganti di Clrabella--Il mago 'ladro'", from
"Minni" #78, 1999 (27 pages). Script: Francois Corteggiani; Art: Giorgio

3) MEGALO MIKY #412, December 2001
a) Bernard and Bianca in "Australian Adventure", comic-book adaptation of
the Disney animated cartoon (46 pages). Script: William Rotchlear (sp?);
Art: Rubin Torreiro, Robert Batt, Carlos Paura, Raul Barbiro, Carlos
Valenti, Hector Saavendra (sp?)
b) Mickey Mouse in "Il carico a 24 carati", S-74265 (printed in AT #233,
1976), 12 pages. Script: Unknown; Art: Marco Rota
c) Uncle Scrooge in "The Persistent Hic-Ups", 9 pages. Story code and
creators unknown (the only code I see is "MO")
d) Donald Duck in "The Mysterious Voice", 5 pages. Story code and creators
unknown. (S-coded)

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