DCML Archives

Claudio Eckert c_seiten at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 12 13:48:41 CET 2001

I need some help with the DMCL-archives. There are three incarnations of the 
mailing list:

- the first: up to and including November 1995
- the second incarnation, which is currently not available.
- the third: the current archives from January 2000 up to now (plus a few 
"single" month of 1999 etc.)

Perhaps someone has a "private collection" of digests and is willing to 
provide access to the missing second incarnation? (That would be december 
1995 to (about) december 1999 or what else you have. Every bit will be okay)

Or is there any other way to receive the information? It's needed for a 
research I'm doing for my (future-)webpage on Duck comics.

thank you!

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