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Anders Christian Siveb¾k anders_sivebaek at
Wed Dec 12 13:58:32 CET 2001


>Michel Nadorp. Not traced, he *drew* a half page.
Sorry about that. 
What did Klein do then - they are both credited for the half page, 
in the Inducks. 
>> D 2001-068 (no credits in the credit-line which only says 
>> Barks)
>Script: David Gerstein
>Art: Daan Jippes

>> Wasn't Rob's/the other guy's version fitting
>I think you must agree that this Gerstein/Jippes version is gorgeous! It
>looks much better than the Klein/Nadorp version. 
I don't have the latter with me, so i can't compare right now. 

>It is also probably closer
>to the original (e.g. it has no title, and it has dialogue in the first
I thoyght about the possiblity of the fan who originally bought the
having showed it to either one of the makers? - I agree that it looks
The 10-pagers had no title at that time - oops, I guess I don't know 
my Barks as good as I should at this time... 

>On the other hand, this new version is still based on Rob Klein's
>But this time worked out with the knowledge of today (in stead of decades
>ago), and with an excellent artist (nearly no-one can beat Jippes).
You're entitled to have that opinion :-)
>(I'm Dutch, not ducth)
Sorry, I never did understand that about the nationalities/languages being
in capital
in english, so that's why i can't remember it well...

About the code - what code would the story have had - and did another
story get that?
instead of the new D-code what code do you think the 9 ½ original pages
should have had. I don't know myself, i have alternative. In inducks i'ts
called CS WDC 60, right? - to show that it was originally WDC 60 but never

I do hope the danish publisher has been reasonable enough to call it Glade
Jul, as that's our version of Silent night/Stlle nacht (Gruber). Is it a
misatke to call it Stilla nat in swedish -do you sing that at Christmas,
or do you sing Glada jul?

We do know about this publication system in Scandinavia, the same issues
comes out but some days apart, first in sweden, on friday (though supposed
to be on stands following monday?), then in Norway on tuesday and in
denmark on thursday. I was annoyed that i didn't get my subscriber's issue
today, but I'll live. 

The danish weekly isn't officially published untill tomorrow - it's
possible that some shops have it on stands now, but it's not something the
companies like, that the sellers put their mag's on the stands before
publication date. It can cause you to be erased of the seller's list, if i
understood right. 

Anders Christian Sivebæk

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