why do H,L,D say sentences `together'?

Shaun Craill scraill at methven.net
Thu Dec 13 04:24:48 CET 2001

Nils Lid Hjort asked the following about HD&L:
	>>>Are there Barks stories, or other Duck stories, where one of the
three spends significant amounts of time apart from the other two? 
One of my favourite examples of this is the Barks story where U$ and the
boys end up on an island where a scientist is trying to invent a ray that
was supposed to deodorise cabbage, but turned people to stone instead.  Not
only do the nephews spend time apart but one of them gets vitrified!
I think this is a great example of a suspense technique used by Barks; we
are used to seeing the 3 nephews together, so when one is separated by
events there is added tension and drama until they are reunited.  Add in
Beagle Boys and the need to rescue Donald and the nephew from the stone ray
and you get a really gripping plot.

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