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Thu Dec 13 21:05:37 CET 2001

> From: Anders Christian Siveb¾k [mailto:anders_sivebaek at]
> Sent: woensdag 12 december 2001 13:59

> > Michel Nadorp. Not traced, he *drew* a half page.
> What did Klein do then - they are both credited for the half page, 
> in the Inducks.

Klein did draw a version. Nadorp redrew Klein's drawings.

> > (I'm Dutch, not ducth)
> Sorry, I never did understand that about the 
> nationalities/languages being
> in capital in english, so that's why i can't remember it well...

I wasn't referring to capitals; I was referring to the spelling "ducth"
(twice) in your original letter.

> About the code - what code would the story have had

Stories had no codes in the 1940s. So for Inducks we make them up.


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