"Silent Night" by Barks

Anita B Og Erlend V Enget abeenget at frisurf.no
Fri Dec 14 17:59:41 CET 2001


"Silent Night" was after all *not* a new Barks story!!! Thank you for the
very interesting and educational information on this story! 
In the 100 pp Donald Duck & Co. #49/2001 (celebrating Disne'y Centennial
Day) the story was promoted as "NEW STORY BY BARKS!" and "published for the
first time in Norway". Neither in this add, nor in #50, Egmont said
*anything* about this being a 55 years old story! 

To be hounest, I read a "brand new" story by Barks, probably scetched by
him, and drawn by the great Barks imitator Jippes! I thought it was done a
year or so ago, as Barks did do a *new* story, published in 1995, that
William vanHorn had drawn.

Had Gladstone still had their licence in the US, putting out this goodie to
their readers... It'd definitely be accompanied by background information.
I'm disappointed over Egmont in Oslo, but greatful to you Disney-fans,
telling, at least me, the truth!

Any Egmont-person reading this?

Erlend Vold Enget, Norway 

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