Didier: Disney artwork from Brazil

Fernando Ventura fernandopventura at uol.com.br
Sun Dec 16 13:51:00 CET 2001

Hello there! :)
Hey Didier, how are you, my friend?

First, I was not able to see the pages on the Disney-Ebay site...where is
And what is general price of the brazilian pages?
What's the way to pay for it?

 *IF* I have money, I'm sure I can get it...just to have an archive of
originals that every editor around the worls can ask to use...

What I can say is that anyone knows about the condition of Abril Archives on
Disney Comics...!
The brazilian situation is very bad, since Abril stoped the production and
put off his best editor to
this days, Euclides Miyaura(Chin). They also lost the license to publish the
Marvel Comics in 2002, and they will just publish the DC Comics titles and
the Disney comics...but the problem is that the same editor of the
super-hero comics is the editor of the Disney Comics, so I can not see lot's
of expectation about it...

They're planning to reprint some old stories, re-scaning then from the
original comic book, and re-coloring then...and I'm sure it'll have really
bad results...and they're planning to do it, 'cause they lost(or THINK they
lost) the black photolith from the stories, but speaking with Mr. Paulo
Ferreira, we "discovery" that many of this are in Portugal, probably, and
the rest around Latin America. If they've lost the photolits, I can not
imagine what happens with the inked original pages...Brrrrr... :(

I know that the very firsts brazilian artwork goes to the Disney Studios,
but some artists retains the original page...I did lot's of xerox copies
many, many original pages of Waldyr Igayara's works. Igayara has also some
Canini's original pages. (And he's not planning to sell...he, he, he!)

(That just haven't 14 pages of his original artwork...in any way, 14 pages
is a very important and big number)

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