Don's visit to Finland

Jussi Mantere jmantere at
Wed Dec 19 12:09:02 CET 2001

On Sun, 16 Dec 2001 jvainio at wrote:

> Since noone's asked the man himself about this so far, I guess I'll have to do 
> it: Don, how was your visit to Finland this time?

And since I first have to ask myself "how come I once again missed your
visit?", I must also ask: when are you coming next time?-) (I suppose the
folks at HM already have arranged a steady schedule of visits :--)

...dang, I even bought a copy of the new book as a christmas present and
still failed to make it on time to get a signed copy :(

. jussi mantere
. learned more from a three minute record 
.. than we ever learned in school

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