KOMIX #163

Kriton Kyrimis kyrimis at cti.gr
Mon Dec 24 17:54:44 CET 2001


> * A two-page column with "Komix News". Most important
> (for me at least) is the part about my page! They put
> a photo of my home page, the address and a nice text
> explaining what a user will find there :-)
> ...
> * Sergio Aragones' "Groo and Rufferto" (part 1 of 4),
> first published in 1998. I hope this will be the last
> non-disney story...

How about making the front page of your site a protest page, protesting
KOMIX' publishing non-Disney material in their pages?

One thing these Aragones/Evanier stories have made me realize is how
good a story teller Barks was. Barks could unfold an entire adventure in
a mere 10 to 24 pages, while it takes 96 pages for Aragones/Evanier to
tell a story.  Reading through the first part of "Groo and Rufferto",
I can't say there's much going on in the first part. In this respect,
Don is even better than Barks, as he manages to cram an astonishing
amount of both action and information in his meager allotment of pages.
Of course, the size of the stories and the amount of "padding" they
contain probably has more to do with marketing (the publisher asks for
a 96 page four-parter, they get one), but I can't help wondering what
kind of story Barks or Don would have produced, had they been allowed
such a large page count.

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