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Wed Dec 26 02:48:03 CET 2001

> From: "Ari Seppi" <mani at>
> > If you mean F JM 98235: Topolino e le dolcezze del Natale, there is no
> > need for being Italian: The story was also published in Sweden*) (in other
> > Egmont countries as well?) and Finland *2)
> >
> > *) Kalle Anka 51-52/2001
> > *2) Kuukauden sarjisekstra 12/2001
> BTW, anybody want to trade these? I'd like a copy of those versions.

Hi! Hope you all had a very merry christmas!
And back to business. The Finnish reprint may be very hard to get.
Sarjisekstra is not distributed to any stores, you can only order it if
you ordet the weekly. So you only get one magazine and can't buy spares.
Well, someone may sell his issue but hey! It's an Scarpa story. Who would
want to sell that?
BTW. This distribution policy of Sarjisekstra has made their value soar.
The first issues published in 1999 fetch prices like 100 markkas (about
16-17 euros) in second-hand comic-shops that know the comic business. And
they are are like normal weeklies. (Even a bit shorter actually: 32

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