Anders Christian Sivebaek acsive at
Fri Dec 28 21:10:06 CET 2001

> Subject: Next D.R. story in Scandinavia?
> Date:   Thu, 27 Dec 2001 23:16:23 +0100
> I'm asking this question because someone asked it in the discussion
> forum on 
> my website: Can someone tell me when the next Don Rosa story will be 
> published in Norway (or Scandinavia), and what story it will be?
Forget it! - 13 pages - it's on its way. 

BTW Where is that forum on your page - I only have slight problems
new norwegian, but I'm learning - but I still can't find the forum
> I seem to 
> recall that someone told us about The Crown Of The Crusader Kings
> months before it came, so without knowing HOW, I guess someone here
has the 
> possibility to answer these questions?
The nearest person to answer is sometimes Don - though noone forces the
to tell him about when his stories comes out (I think someone ought to
froce them, but
that's my opinion). 

You can usually check one of our pages and find out - eg. or 
(Sigvald's pages aren't fully online at the moment, "thanks" to xoom) 

> > During the spring Lo$ part 10b "The Sharpie of The
> > Culebra Cut" (26 pages) is said to be published also
> > in the Nordic countries.
Oh - okay. That's the newest info. That part of Sigvald's pages are
fine then. 

> > Another story also ready to be published is the 13
> > pager "Forget It" which is the same type of story as
> > "A Matter of Some Gravity". This time Magica uses a
> > different kind of spell to make it difficult for our
> > friends to chase her after she has stolen the #1-dime.
This story is on the way in the Germany, I see on their comicforum. 
In Spring it will come out - and Joachim tells that the Rosa 3d comic 
(Nostildamus) comes in issue 4)


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