Lace & Tatting

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Again, many thanks for the following tatting reference! I have obtained a
Gladstone Walt Disney Comic Album #13 which has this episode reproduced and
have posted a scan of it on my website:
Click on the "CLICK HERE FOR A SURPRISE" message just under the Tatmeister
banner at the top of the page. If there are any other Disney comic tatting
references, PLEASE let me know! Again, thanks for the specialized knowledge
and able assistance,
Dan (The Tatmeister) Rusch-Fischer

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> Regarding "Lace and tatting" in Disney Comics for Dan "The Tatmeister":
> Carl Barks had an "effeminate" Dog-nosed man ask "Assistant Guard" Donald
> show him to the "Lace and Tatting Collection" in the Duckburg Museum, in
> story, "The golden Helmet" (in Donald Duck Nr. 408 issued in July, 1952).
> I hope some kind and generous DCML member can make the scans for him.
> Rob Klein
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