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Mon Dec 31 01:35:18 CET 2001


It is nice to hear from Don about his trip to Finland - as I might have
told I'm 
very lucky to have friends in Finland, one of them being Janne Heino,
stood in line and had a book signed for me - including a fan-drawing,
I'm very happy about. 

> If you think you know a way to *force*
> them, as you suggest, to tell me when they use one of my stories, I'd
> be interested in you forcing them to PAY me when they use my stories!
> would be of even *more* use to me! (But lotsa luck.)
Hmm - that's gonna be a hard one - and I don't think I would be able to
do such 
a thing. Not within this firm from who these publishers have the

> I know that the Egmont countries must be getting ready to use "Forget
> and "The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut" since they are now asking me for
> covers and script help. But I still can't tell you what issues the
> will be in. 
I'll be sure to tell, when I find out (might only be one week before,
but still)

> >>>>This story is on the way in the Germany, I see on their
> In Spring it will come out - and Joachim tells that the Rosa 3d comic
> (Nostildamus) comes in issue 4)
> Well, that's not good news. Not to me. That was NOT a 3D story! I
> intended it to be so. Di$ney Comics hired someone to take that Egmont
> and turn it 3D, and now the 3D version is the only way it's ever
seen. 3D
> is okay as a novelty, but I'd hate to think that's the only way that
> will ever be seen. But please call it a "Rosa comic that somebody
made 3D",
> not a "Rosa 3D comic".
I will be sure to do so. Nevertheless I do have the comic in ... let me
danish, german, italian, finnish (more languages are welcome, if you
have doubles, friends)
and all of them are the "normal" version with colors, and no 3D glasses
to be used. 
I read the comic once at Duco, and Gary found it for me - so it will be
in my collection - but that's it. 

Luckily only 3 have been made of these 3D-things, as far as I know -
one a van Horn story (with beans)
the mentioned Nostildamus, and a nightmare story with Donald, by Marco
Rota - it was in a czech weekly that I got. 

Maybe now is a good time to wish you all a Happy New Year

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