Barks and WW II references

Nils Lid Hjort nils at
Mon Feb 5 16:54:40 CET 2001

In addition to the references mentioned by others here,
one should include WD 127 (April 1951) with the April's Fool 
wallets. The nephews visit a place with heaps of trash, 
and thrown away in a corner we [appropriately] see Hitler's 
manifesto "Mein Kampf". 

In the Norwegian editions the title of the book is erased.
Is it true that some later American editions also have 
glossed over the "Mein Kampf"? I did check the "CB Library
in Color" edition, which has several (minor, but unfortunate) 
omissions and alterations. But at least the CBL edition 
scores well on this account; it *has* the "Mein Kampf".
What about DDD 5, LICW 18, WDC 344, WDC 560 (this list
grabbed from Inducks)? 

Yet another WW II reference could be the start of the FC 147 
Volcano Valley 1947 story. It is clear that the bomber airplane
Donald buys (for the equivalent of 3 dollars) is from a 
"war surplus" sale, which in the minds of every 1947 reader
must have meant "after the WW II". 

Nils Lid Hjort 

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