"Introduzione a Paperino" by Marovelli, Paolini, Saccomano

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at kabelfoon.nl
Tue Feb 6 11:39:16 CET 2001

Can someone tell me more about this book?

What is the size?
Are the illustrations in colour, greyscale or monographic?
Is it a paperback, a softcover or a hardcover?
Is "Firenze" the Italian name for "Florence"?
Is "BNI 751569" an Italian equivalent of the ISBN-number?

Is "Introduction to Donald: The social phenomenology in Barks' comics"
a proper translation of the title?


"Introduzione a Paperino: La Fenomenologia Sociale nei Fumetti
di Carl Barks" - Piero Marovelli, Elvio Paolini, Giulio Saccomano

Published by G.C. Sansoni, Florence (Firenze?) 1974.
?? x 20 cm, 332 pages
illustrated (monographic?)
BNI 751569 

(Italian) Contains a history of the Ducks from Taliaferro to Barks,
with analysis. 1: History of the Ducks, 2: The Donaldistic universe,
3: The message of Carl Barks, 4: Barksism, the philosophy, 5: American
and Italian index. 


Best wishes,

--- Daniel

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