Hearing difficulties and Sign Language

Vidar Svendsen vidar-svendsen at c2i.net
Mon Feb 5 18:10:57 CET 2001

Daniel van Eijmeren wrote:
> > I'm currently working on a page about hearing difficulties and
> Interesting! Which Disney stories did you find so far?

WDC 178-02
WDC 60-02
JW 27-02
D 5694
(and W OS  263-03)

The page is only about hearing difficulties (I'm working as a
Sign Language intrerpreter)

> U-WDC 64 (previously unpublished)
> Donald singing Christmas carols for Jones' deaf friend.

Thank you! Hadn't noticed that

> WDC 203
> The sleeping owner of a lion doesn't hear anything of the noise
> inside and outside his house. Even though I don't remember

Have to take a look at this one.

> OS 1047 The Gab Muffer
> The Ducks not being able to talk with each other.

Maybe I'll include this one.

> JW 10 Bottled Battlers
> Being locked up in a giant bottle, the nephews can hear the
> curious passengers but the opposite is impossble.

:-) I haven't noticed that!

> JW 14 Duckmade Disaster
> Though not identified by name, Daan Jippes' version of this story
> shows Carl Barks with an hearing aid throwing eggs at Scrooge's bin.

:-) I haven't noticed that!

> Maybe there are also stories in which the Woodchucks use sign
> language? Do smoke signals and light signals count?

nope, but native Americans' signs do (in Lucky Luke)

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