Question about landscape layout "Gifts For Shacktown"

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Sat Feb 10 06:13:56 CET 2001

Someone sent me a scan of a preliminary pencil drawing to Barks' oil
"Christmas for Shacktown". I think this must be "Gifts For Shacktown"
(75-25) instead, because, as far as I know, this is the only painting
with the Shacktown design.

Interestingly, this layout is in landscape format, while the painting
is in portrait format. It's approximately 16" x 20". The image was made
by pasting 4 separate scans together, thus the fuzziness.

You can find it at:

As this page has become terribly slow (needing a better layout),
you may prefer to go to the large picture directly at:
"" (about 355kB)

I was asked the following question: 

"Would you have an estimate of the market value of this piece?"

As I don't know anything about the value of original Barks art, 
I hope someone can help me out answering this question.

Best wishes,

--- Daniel

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