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Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Sat Feb 10 16:25:39 CET 2001


> Gazette Bok, [...] is in the finishing stages of producing 
> "The Don Rosa Archives";
> The Don Rosa Arhives I:   The Pertwillaby Papers (191 pages) 
> The Don Rosa Arhives II:  The Adventures of Captain Kentucky
> (165 pages)

How much will they cost? And how long will they be available?
It's not a limited edition, I hope?

Is the unfinished Black Knight story also included? I think 
I remember that Don Rosa has made slightly more (one chapter?)
than what was published at the time. Years ago, he wrote about
the ending of the story to this list. So, adding this material
together, I think it's still possible to publish a "complete"
version of the story.

If it's not included, maybe this will happen in an 
"Archives III" or something like that? Don Rosa has made more
pre-Disney material than Pertwillaby and Kentucky. Don't know
if it's enough to fill up an additional book, though. Are there
any plans for more books in this series?

> I apologise for the slight but necessary "selling angle" my
> message is taking. I judge it however as fully relevant 
> information for the DCML.

Selling angle? Where? You're just helping people in keeping their
collection up-to-date! :-) Thanks for the information.

Best wishes,

--- Daniel

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