Daniel's version of Barks' ode

Marco Barlotti marco.barlotti at cce.unifi.it
Sat Feb 10 22:49:36 CET 2001

At 12.06 10/02/01 +0100, Daniel van Eijmeren wrote:
>Below you'll see a transciption of a xerox sent to me by a Barks fan.
>There are some small differences with the transcription in digest 
>Vol 1 #402. ("we bought" instead of "be bought"; "scars" instead of
>"scar"; and "To read of ducks" instead of "To read ducks")
>Written note (by Carl Barks) in the lower left corner, in an angle
>of minus 90 degrees:

Is this hand-written? Are you saying that we might consider your version to
be the "original" version?

My only doubt is, your version look like what anyone would "change" the
previous version into. That is to say, the old version is a "lectio
difficilior", your version is a "lectio facilior" (i. e. the most obvious
mistakes are correct). The philologists teach us to accept the "lectio
difficilior" and refuse the "lectio facilior"...

But if your fax has a note hand-written by Barks, then we should take THIS
one as the real version!


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