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Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Tue Feb 13 15:22:13 CET 2001

From: "qwerty asdfg" <jlbovet at hotmail.com>
>>>So I can't find the reference for the first biggest frog: is it a
to a Bark's story ?

(Thanks to Harry for saving me a lot of typing!)

>>>Thanks for the last chapter of the LoS. That's a great strory. I have
a small "Bug" in this story: At page 3, panel 3 Teddy has a white jacket
with a POCKET . This pocket appear only once.
So what is append: is it a magic pocket or a mistake

(sigh) No, you have a MAGIC copy of PICSOU! That pocket only appears in
YOUR copy!
Ah... I see what you mean. The breast hanky-pocket. I had that penciled
throughout the story and later decided to not bother with it. But I had not
decided that when I inked that one panel. Yep, that's a goof!
The reason I can see this is that my copies of PICSOU arrived yesterday.
Wow! This is probably the NICEST presentation of one of my stories I've
ever seen! That's the best coloring job that I think I've ever enjoyed on
one of my stories -- I hope any other publishers who decide to use this
story can obtain that coloring! And there are so many other flattering
aspects of the issue -- they use my pin-up on the double-cover (it appears
as a pseudo-front cover on the back so that the magazine can be displayed
two different ways on a newsstand), and lots of interior stuff like an
overview of the "Lo$" with illustrations and covers from around the world
and texts. And there's even a presentation of the portion of the
story-board script I rewrote because I decided against having the villain
buried alive to die a horrible lingering death... but here's that version
of the original story published also! Ha! And they print the pin-up that
was supposed to appear in the previous issue (with Barks' "Mystery of the
Swamp") as a centerfold poster.
I sure am proud of this issue of PICSOU -- but a warning to other PICSOU
subscribers who like my pin-ups... there won't be anymore for at least a
few months. I have lost contact with the editor. He recently took over the
editorship of LE JOURNAL DE MICKY due to how well he had done improving the
sales of PICSOU, and I assume he's inundated with work. It might be a while
before we get back up to speed.

From: "David" <daveheart at optushome.com.au>
>>>So I would like to ask Don what have been the new additions to the
12 chapters?

"The Vigilante of Pizen Bluff" 6B
"The Cowboy Captain of the Cutty Sark" 3B
"The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut" 10B

>>>and also....Are the 2 stories "Hearts Of The Yukon" and "Of Ducks, Dimes
Destinies" considered in your eyes, part of the LO$ saga?

Yes and no. They were originally not done as part of the series, but I now
am agreeable to anyone who likes to list them that way, they are *very*
closely related. But some publishers like to say that "Last Sled to Dawson"
and even "The Dutchman's Secret" are part of the series, and this baffles
me totally, especially the latter -- the flashbacks in that story have
nothing to do with $crooge!

From: "Gary Pantzer" <gpantzer at ny.tds.net>
>>>Don, might you consider using Ebay as a marketing and sales tool
I wish you would also consider this for your 2 HC books being
released soon.

I am not directly involved in the production and marketing of these books,
though I certainly help the publishers in any way they request. I'm sure
they plan to find a way to market these books so everyone who wants one can
buy a set, and surely that will include the Internet.

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