Websites, Frogs et al RMorris306 at
Wed Feb 14 03:51:56 CET 2001

    I confess I find myself largely in agreement with Don about some of the 
truly bad writing I've seen around the Internet. I regret that I won't have 
the chance to read most of his stories unless they're translated, since I'm 
illiterate in everything but English...but some people on various boards 
especially (Americans, not those for whom English is a second language) seem 
to be illiterate in everything INCLUDING English...

    I was also a big GET SMART fan, so I guessed the derivation of Don's 
line...though it also occurred to me that he may have been referring to a 
Barks story. Wasn't there one in the early '60's where Gyro invented a 
machine that could create what we now know as virtual reality...and Donald 
used it to show how fascinating a world just like their own, except that 
everything (except the ducks) was ten, then a hundred, then a thousand times 
larger, could be. I'm almost positive they saw some giant (comparatively) 
frogs during that story...


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